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Lego - Easter Story (English & Gaelic)

Church leaders, teachers, children and their families are once again being offered the opportunity to download an accessible and fun retelling of the Easter story in English and Gaelic.

Christian media ministry Go Chatter is again making its Easter video, which uses Lego figures to show the story of Christ’s death and resurrection in an all-ages accessible way, freely available for download by education authorities, Gaelic medium units, schools, homes and churches, as well as families and individuals.

The video comes with an accompanying resource pack including instructions to enable children to build their own version of the empty tomb from commonly available Lego pieces, as well as bi-lingual guidance notes for teachers.

New for 2024, Go Chatter has also introduced an augmented reality Easter trail. This is an interactive hunt that could be placed around the inside or outside of a church, hall or local area, with each location unlocking hidden videos which recreate the Easter story.

The Easter video is part of a series of short films using Lego to bring familiar Bible stories to a young audience.

On its release last year, Roddy John MacLeod, Lord MacLeod of Minginish, convenor of the Church of Scotland Gaelic group, commented: "This video tells the Easter story in a highly imaginative way and it is our prayer that it is watched and enjoyed, whether in school or home, by Gaelic children throughout Scotland."

Both the Gaelic version of the video, which has been made possible thanks to the support of Bòrd na Gàidhlig, and a Scottish accented English language version, can be downloaded at

along with schema in English and Gaelic enabling children to build a Lego set from the video themselves.


Holy Week 2024

Holy Week 2024 - some resources/information that can be shared now in preparation for Holy week in March. This video reflection for Holy Week uses images from three sources: first, from two Holy Land pilgrimages which Doug & Lesley McRoberts led, in 2013 and 2018; second, from the Christian Media Centre, Jerusalem, taken on Palm Sunday in 2021 when people from around the world celebrated in happier times with palms – something that won’t be happening this year; third, from Reuters and AFP cameramen in Gaza this year. The song was written by Rev Ian D. Cunningham, the former convener of the Church of Scotland World Mission Council. The dancing – on a boat in the Sea of Galilee – was completely impromptu! The video was produced by Doug our Moderator, and is free to use or share if you find it helpful.


Worship Resource 1

Seeing What God Wants Sermon, North West Lochaber, 28 Jan 2024.


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