Monday the 8th of July marked the celebration of union and joining.  Everyone gathered for a truly emotional service, led by our Moderator Rev Doug McRoberts.  Followed with prayer from Elizabeth Duff and Raymond Smart, and a reading from Rev Michael MacDonald and lots of singing as we welcomed and introduced Rev Phil Gunn to his newly formed charge.

Rev Phil Gunn was ordained and inducted to the charge of Rosskeen Parish Church on 20th November 2020. Rev Michael MacDonald was appointed and introduced as Auxiliary Minister to the charge of Alness Parish Church by the Presbytery of Ross on Sunday 1st June 2014.

The Mission Plan of the legacy Presbytery of Ross, which was approved on the March 2023, paved the way for the charges of Alness Parish Church and Rosskeen Parish Church to unite into Alness Church of Scotland. With the retirement of Auxiliary Minister Michael MacDonald, Rev Phil Gunn was appointed minister of the united charge in terms of section 8.4.2 of the Presbytery Mission Plan Act (Act VIII, 2021).

Following congregational meetings on 12th May to consider the Basis of Union, both congregations voted in favour of the union, with Alness Parish also voting in favour of Rev Phil Gunn as minister of the united charge.

Following the Presbytery meeting of Clèir Eilean Ì on 22nd June, the union was approved. The union took effect on 23rd June 2024.

The service was followed with an abundance of food offerings and a very special cake….a very delicious cake indeed!  Cake holds a deep symbolic meaning in celebrations. It represents the joy and sweetness of life, and the act of cutting and sharing the cake with others also symbolises sharing happiness and good fortune.  We thank everyone involved in helping make this day a momentous one and we wish continued unity within the church community.

please send any additional photos to Amanda Anderson